"Shifting Oneself through the transmutation of internal and external energies using specific practices that develop Mind, Body and Soul to endure and face any life situation with your highest potential!"

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Working with Men, many dealing with loss, to help guide them in finding their passion and purpose by Developing A Deeper Understanding Of Transmuting Energy and Becoming An Optimal Human Using stoic practices that include mastery over Ice, Heat, Movement, Stillness, Breath and Nature!
The art to a stable and functional body is the Development of A Deeper Mind-Body Connection. With calisthenics you can grow your skill set and knowledge of the body to ensure A Lifetime of comfort and efficiency by using healthy foundational rituals that are easy to incorporate in to daily life!
working with small groups of women, or on a 1 on 1 basis, to heal and develop a deeper connection to their higher self as Sometimes it is easy to Feel Like A Lost Soul. this Guidance & support helps You Grow And Develop A Deeper Understanding Of Yourself For You And For Those Around You.


The Stoic Alchemist Workshops deliver experiences like no other to your community. We work with Councils, Schools, Gyms, Studios, Fitness Facilities and Corporate Spaces to allow the learners access to information in Mind, Body & Soul..


The multi layered mind-self is an area used to conceive this reality allowing us to observe emotions and experience projections!


Using the fundamentals of movement through functional training, Calisthenics and other stoic methods to help develop a well rounded vessel!


Bringing balance to your being will require a healthy soul. Breath work and meditation are a few of many practices that can help!

i'm writing A Book!

I am currently writing a couple of books that you may be interested in. One of which is a Journeys Teaching Through A Fantasy/Action Novel called Tethered.

The other is a Stoic Alchemy Book that I was asked to start writing by my little girl so she “can remember all the stuff she needs to remember!”

Please check out progress on Tethered by clicking below. I hope you enjoy them when you get to read them!

other Journeys Focus

180 creates experiences, ceremonies, spaces and platforms to shift your reality and help guide you in developing mind, body and soul through the understanding of energy transmutation and self healing. This allows you time and energy to reduce stress,  find peace of mind, explore acceptance and improve happiness and life view.

Talk Shilajit is our Podcast where Joe and myself have some crazy out of this world conversations that vary from health, fitness, fasting and wellness to outer body experiences, chakras, dimensions and quantum physics!