Not Your Usual Fitness Freak!

mission optimal being!


Using the base of functional training using Calisthenics and other physical methods of development!


Healthy bodies also need healthy souls, breath work and meditation are a few essential methods!


The multi layered mind self is an area used to conceive this dimension and connect to visit others!


Techniques like cold exposure, fasting and more, with body and mind protocols create a perfect unity of self!

what's for you?

To Learn New Skills And Develop A Deeper Mind Body Connection While Getting Healthier & Fitter! developing a functionality that will last A Lifetime!
guidance for life and business. giving people support as they set up & grow businesses and develop a better lifestyle for themselves!
To develop A Deeper Understanding OF Becoming An Optimal Human Using Ice, Heat, Movement, Stillness, Breath, Nature and Tribe!

i'm writing A Book!

I am currently writing a couple of books that you may be interested in. One of which is a Fantasy/Action Novel called Tethered.

The other is a Life Optimisation Book that I was asked to start writing by my little girl so she “can remember all the stuff she needs to remember!”

Please check out progress on Tethered by clicking below. I hope you enjoy them when you get to read them!

let's talk business

The Gravity Academy is a purpose built facility in Coventry that focuses on life optimisation, functional fitness and ultimate wellbeing and health, with a great community and expert coaches the people of Coventry are very lucky to have this facility on their doorstep!

Talk Shilajit is my favourite project. It’s a Podcast where Joe and myself have some crazy out of this world conversations that vary from health, fitness, fasting and wellness to outer body experiences, chakras, dimensions and quantum physics!

Ever wondered what it takes to be in a film, or are looking to be a part of a big action part then we have you covered. AT MSC we offer Action Show Reels based around you, screen fight choreography and courses that will help take your profession or hobby to the next level of intense!

Trying to allow access to optimisation to all we have developed a selection of supplements to keep the mind sharp and the body in peak condition. Starting with our cognitive enhancing, focus increasing Nootropics and our mineral rich, hormone balancing Shilajit!