Throughout the years our species has been exposed to more and more external input and technology. This looks great on the surface, but the over exposure and reliance on technological advancements is taking its toll on our natural born gifts.

One of the most important ones I believe is the gift of intuition. Learning to tap into this again will open our eyes to many physical, emotional and spiritual connections and abilities.

We all know that feeling of tension in a room, or the uplifting energy being around certain people gives us. This is the very base level of that intuitive power, and there is more to it, way more, and it involves attention and intention!

When holding space either in a group or a 1 on 1 experience, this intuition tunes into your frequencies to guide the flow of the experience and deliver exactly what you require.


Is mainly known as a medieval chemical science of which normal metals were transmuted into gold. But unknown to most before, during and after these times alchemy did so much more and is greatly defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.

And just like all the great Alchemists of their time, they soon shifted from a simple quest of gold and material wealth to a search for spiritual enrichment.
It is a shift, a change, a complete overhaul on an atomic level.

This in turn influences the physicality, mentality and spirituality of the being that decides to begin the inner transmutation and start the process.
It is a process that will never be complete, and in its own practice teaches us that the journey is more important than the goal!

Intuitive Alchemy

Intuitive Alchemy is a term I coined to express the shift people take on a journey. I now continue to use this term to help express what I intend to instil in all the people I work with.

The shift will consist of physical, psychological, emotional, and situational un-comfort during their time and life. But we learn to transmute our thoughts to know that moments of discomfort are moments of growth and necessity.
Learning to safely expose ourselves to certain hormesis methods and intuitive practices allow activations of the parasympathetic nerve system to evoke a fight or flight response, thus pushing the boundaries of where this response lies. Each experience within the Stoic Alchemist practices will activate this differently in each individual and have varying benefits including; lower stress levels, improved immunity, heightened awareness, focus, increased positivity and much more!

Energy Transmutation

Have you been or are going through any big changes in life?

Maybe you find yourselves struggling to find purpose or to stay motivated through rejection, maybe you’re have difficulty finding balance or going through a grievance and you feel that no one around you understands and if they do then they have their own crap to deal with.

A safe space of expression is what is needed and this is what I look to provide with my Stoic Alchemy experiences. 

Working with the elements, nature and some ancient practices I will look to unlock that which you are needing to express to fulfil your highest potential and purpose through the pain and the pleasure, through the ups and the downs, this will test and shift your consciousness.

Now I will make this clear. I don’t class myself as a mentor, a life coach, a therapist or a healer, but I would say I am someone who sincerely wants to help guide people for their best interests, someone who comes from a level of experience and someone who loves to see people find their passions and purpose in life.

Whatever your purpose is for getting in touch I will support you from the view of a practicing Stoic Alchemist, and I will offer undivided attention when needed, but I will also put you to the test so you can find  your highest potential in the person you are meant to be.

I want to use my energy and experience to help and develop as many people as possible in mind, body and soul!

"You can't give The World Your highest potential if you Don't nurture it and allow yourself to grow!"

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Monthly Community Experience Series For Stoic Practice And Progress

Weekly Tasks & Ritual Implementation

Only Ever Up to 10 Spaces Available

Discount On Journey Experiences

A Sympathetic Community Of Trust & Support

Option To Be 1 Of 4 Places To Add A Monthly Discounted 1 On 1 (47%off) (£115)

1 on 1 alchemy


/4 Spaces Available Per Month

An Experience Of Intuitive Alchemy

One On One Time To Express And Get What You Need From The Experience

Variations Of Healing And Energy Transmutation

Personal Ceremony To Find Answers Or Resolution To Life Issues

Support As Always, You Will Not Be Left To Deal With Any Issues That Arise



/2 Days, 1 Night – Many Days

Over Night Expeditions To Explore & Journey From Out Side To In Ones Self

A Large Challenge Surrounded By Stoic Practices

A Chance To Do Something For Others & Raise Money For A Charity Of Your Choice

A Process That You Will Complete A Different Person You Entered

Multiple Opportunities & Experiences To Get Involved In From Stoic Snowdon To Purposeful Pilgramages

Intuitive Alchemy Experiences

These Experiences allow for a group to learn skills that will help guide them to a positive and passionate life. 

With monthly meet ups it allows for time to integrate the practices into your daily life with help and support of the others in the group all looking to resonate on a higher frequency and walk a lighter path.

Within this community experience you will gain access to knowledge of the following and each month will bear different experiences, ceremonies, gifts and information to take away and practice:

  • Varying Meditations To Suit Different Life Situations
  • Breath Work Techniques For Multiple Life Purposes
  • A Host Of Ceremonies To Connect To Yourself On A Deeper Level
  • Life Rituals To Shift To A State Of Balance Daily
  • Alternative Experiences That Will Shake Up Your Day And Lifestyle
  • Intuitive & Conscious Tasks To Focus The Mind, Body And Soul

There is something new to learn and take away with you every month, plus the continued support and tasks given through the month to keep you active and focused on balancing your energies throughout.

One On One Intuitive Alchemy

1 on 1 Intuitive Alchemy is a very close and personal process that tunes into your bodies energetic systems and frequencies to transmute any emotional or spiritual energy that you may need to work with.

The flow of the experience is intuitively guided and could involve a plethora of different methods. Just know that whatever methods are delivered, you are in a safe space and are able to express in any way you feel is required. All that is needed from you in the session is to surrender and accept to whatever is required for you to move with your best foot forward and you will find the experience will deliver exactly what you require.

Here are some elements and words that you maybe familiar with that may be used during your Intuitive Alchemy session:

  • Reiki
  • Pranayama
  • Kundalini
  • Chakras
  • Breath
  • 5 Elements
  • The Sense
  • Source Energy
  • Ceremony
  • Plant Medicine (ie. Cacao)
  • Frequency Transmutation
There are many reasons why you might want to experience one of these sessions. Some people lose loved ones, some are in a difficult place in life, some have decisions to be made and some might just be curious as to what else there is to mind, life, spirit and soul.

Following is a few emotions and experiences that others have, and you may encounter during your Alchemy session are:

  • Pure Happiness
  • Ecstatic Bliss
  • Bursts Of Emotion
  • Necessary Emotional Breakouts
  • Happy And Sad Tears
  • Acceptance
  • Purpose
  • Balance

Some people don’t know what to expect and the best thing is to expect nothing in the knowing that you will get exactly what you need from your time with me.

Intuitive Journeys

A journey often represents a part of your life that is needing to be settled and balanced.

There are many reasons to get involved in one of these journeys from adventure and challenging yourself to searching for purpose and symbolisation of a spiritual path. What ever your purpose for getting involved, know our purpose is to get you out the other end of it safely and with a new perspective on life.

You can expect to experience:

  • An Emotional Path
  • An Impossible Task
  • An Immovable Object 
  • A Euphoric Result

There are many Journeys that are planned for the next year and they are usually for up to 10 participants to keep a great group dynamic while ensuring no one gets lost in a crowd of personalities. 

It also allows for our experts in each field we deliver to get close and personal with each participant in the journey ahead.

Journeys will include some or all of the following for each adventure:

  • Adventure
  • Ceremony
  • Creative Outlets
  • Learning New Skills
  • Physical, Mental & Spiritual Challenges
  • Outdoor Over Night
  • Nature
  • Breath Work
  • Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Cold Exposure
  • Plant Medicines (i.e. Cacao)
  • Community
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
These will be held at beautiful places such as Snowdon, Lake District & all across the UK!

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